Trying (and failing) at the Screen Time to Reading Time Challenge

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2022 has been to reduce the amount of time spent looking at my phone. Whether it’s falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, scrolling on TikTok or googling celebrities, I always seem to be glued to my screen. My phone has a feature that shows you how much time you spend on your device which makes for shocking reading. Here’s my usage for Monday to Friday in the first week in January: My weekly screen time Nearly 18 hours of time spent on my phone for an average of 3.5 hours per day. Let’s put this into context, I sleep 8 hours a night, work for 8 hours during the day leaving 8 hours of free time in the day. So half of my free time is spent glued to my phone, how disappointing. I can’t even remember all the posts I scrolled through in that time, it definitely wasn’t worth it. So that’s why I tried the Screen Time to Reading Time challenge and I set myself the goal last week (Monday to Friday) to swap screen time for time spent reading a big pile of book

2022 Money Goals

Happy New Year. This year is the year the Geordie Saver starts blogging properly and my new year’s resolution is to write a blog post each week documenting my money journey. 2021 was a tough year in regards to my mental health but I’m through the rough patch now and looking ahead optimistically to the future. I write this blog post sat in my living room with a nice cup of decaf tea (another new year’s resolution) celebrating the end of my first week back at work after the Christmas holidays. So how did 2021 shape up financially? Well, before I delve into the details I will just state that I am not a financial adviser so do not take any of this as financial advice, I'm just documenting my personal finance journey for entertainment.    We managed to knock £7,000 off the outstanding mortgage balance. This was achieved through the capital repaid through the standard monthly mortgage payments and by overpaying £250 per month. Managed to grow a cash emergency fund of £7,000 which rep

How I've overpaid my mortgage by £6k so far

Hello, I am The Geordie Saver and welcome to my first blog post. In this post I'm going to show you how I've overpaid £6k towards my mortgage in the past three years. In case you don't know, a mortgage overpayment is what you pay in addition to the monthly mortgage payments you've committed to pay your lender. Fortunately my lender lets me overpay by a maximum of 10% of my mortgage balance per year. What I've learned in the past few years of my personal finance journey is that habits stick and that regular payments soon add up, let's see by breaking down my monthly overpayments.  Year 1: Starting to overpay but irregularly In the first year we started to overpay but it was quite sporadic. There was no set plan for overpaying, it was just whenever we remembered and with what money we had to spare. The total overpayments for year 1 came to £124 so we were proud of ourselves that we had started our overpayment journey but it wasn't as consistent or as high as w